GIANT CEMENT HOLDING, INC. (GCHI), headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, produces cement, concrete and aggregate for residential, commercial, and infrastructure projects. It is also one of the largest users of waste-derived fuels in the United States. Its subsidiaries include Giant Cement Company, Inc., Keystone Cement Company, Giant Resource Recovery, Inc. (GRR!), and Dragon Products Company, LLC. These companies manufacture and sell Portland Cement and masonry products throughout the eastern United States. GCHI is the fourth largest producer of cement on the east coast.
Giant Cement Company, established in Egypt, Pennsylvania in 1883, commenced production at its Harleyville, South Carolina plant in 1948 and moved its corporate Headquarters to South Carolina in 1970. In 1984, Keystone Cement Company of Bath, Pennsylvania, became part of the Giant Group. In 2006, the parent company of Dragon Products Company, LLC, and Coastal Cement Corporation was merged into GCHI.

Giant Resource Recovery, established in 1987, primarily recycles industrial waste products as a fuel source for the cement kilns. Cement kiln recycling provides an environmentally safe method of disposing of unwanted wastes, realizes significant energy conservation, preserves natural resources, and reduces the amount of coal needed to manufacture cement.

Cementos Portland Valderrivas, S.A., based in Madrid, Spain, purchased GCHI and all of its subsidiaries in 1999. Cementos Portland Valderrivas is the largest cement company in Spain and operates cement plants worldwide.